Oceanfront townhouse for sale in Las Americas, Tenerife, Spain

  • Oceanfront townhouse for sale in Las Americas Tenerife Spain
  • Oceanfront townhouse for sale in Las Americas Tenerife Spain
  • Oceanfront townhouse for sale in Las Americas Tenerife Spain
  • Oceanfront townhouse for sale in Las Americas Tenerife Spain
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  • Oceanfront townhouse for sale in Las Americas Tenerife Spain
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  • Oceanfront townhouse for sale in Las Americas Tenerife Spain

Property ID : 38660-0821

For Sale EUR 750 000 - House in Tenerife
220 m2 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Print

Oceanfront townhouse for sale in well-known complex Parque Santiago 1 in Las Americas, Tenerife, Spain. Nestled on the south coast of the island, right in the heart of Playa de las Americas, townhouse is 200 m2 floor area, fully equipped,  2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, air conditioning, furniture, kitchen, garden, large terraces, upper terrace and room with sea views. Land plot of 335 m2.

Spacious and bright living room. Door with direct access to the sea and another to the complex with heated salt water pool, snack bar. 3 minutes from the beach, restaurants and bars.

The property is only 50 meters from La Izquierda – the most famous surfing spot in Tenerife – a paradise for experts in search of an intense, fast-breaking ride. You can surf any time of the year in Tenerife.

Also known as the Spanish Left, it offers some of the best left-handed waves anywhere in Europe, which break over a coral and rock volcanic seabed, usually reaching over 4ft (sometimes over 10ft). Due to its versatility, the break works on all tides, with the best surfing conditions between October and March.

La Izquierda’s urban setting in one of Tenerife’s most popular tourist destinations means the area gets really crowded in high season, especially during weekends. Nevertheless, it has excellent facilities, from showers, parking, and gear rental to copious food & drink options.

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