1 bedroom atico / penthouse with ocean view for sale in Balcon del Mar, Tenerife €145.000

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1 bedroom atico / penthouse with ocean view for sale in Balcon del Mar, Tenerife €145.000
For Sale €145.000 - Apartment in Tenerife
38630-0129 46 m2 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

1 bedroom atico / penthouse with ocean view for sale in Balcon del Mar, Tenerife. The atico / penthouse has 46.7 m2 and with a terrace of 13.4 m2. The apartment is in a very quite area and with all comfort. View from the apartment is simply amazing: directly in front of sea. Balcon del Mar has nice swimming pool with lovely local bar buiding and sea behind it.

Location of the property is good: in quiet area with plenty food shops and bars around it. Supermarket next door to get hot bread and fresh fruit in the morning. Plenty of choices for dining/socialising nearby and Las Galletas is only 15 minutes walk if you want to visit somewhere livelier. Excellent wifi. Not far away from Tenerife South airport.

Amenities and Features

  • fully furnished
  • ocean view
  • oceanfront
  • swimming pool
  • terrace
  • WiFi
Property Map