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Property for sale in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Tenerife is the biggest and most developed island of the Canary Islands, and thus the easiest to reach by air – extensive connectivity to many European cities. Blue skies, sunshine and beaches keep the tourists coming all year long. Tenerife is the Europe’s only genuine winter-sun destination. Tenerife the perfect holiday destination, such as the endless days of tropical sunshine, rich culture of the area and gorgeous sandy beaches.

Tenerife lies in the transition area between the subtropical and temperate zones. It benefits from the so-called Canaries cold-stream, which has an extraordinary mildening effect on its climate and from the refreshing trade winds, so greatly appreciated by seafarers. Its climate is precisely a reason for visiting Tenerife at any time of the year; it is always spring, with an annual average of 23 degrees centigrade and minimal variations between maximum and minimum.

Property for sale in Tenerife

Buying property in Tenerife has many advantages over mainland Spain. The biggest advantage is the rental income that Tenerife properties are able to generate 40+ weeks per year. Rather than having a short peak-rental period, property in Tenerife can be rented out and is in demand all year round with the busiest month of the year being December. Year round rental income from an apartment or luxury spanish villa in Tenerife can significantly offset Spanish mortgage payments on a property making property purchase much cheaper.

We offer vast range of properties in Tenerife, from small apartments, to penthouse apartments on upmarket complexes to luxury villas in Tenerife. Our team are experienced and have the local knowledge and expertise to assist you with the sale or purchase of your next Tenerife property.

We also have other professionals from both the industry and the financial world to provide the best service when deciding to purchase a property. We spoke with the experience that always helps. We work hard to help you find what you need.

Advantages to our clients

  • Experience
  • Tenerife property market expertise
  • Total property life-cycle management in Tenerife
  • Cost and timeframe advantages
  • Exceptional personal care
  • We handle the purchase of your property, purchase management, processing NIE, Residencia, deeds, notary, documentation, legal, consulting, taxation, etc ..

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