This is an extract of the title deed for a property as held in the property register in Spain. A very efficient Internet system enables these to be obtained in 24-48 hours as long as the land reference is available. Nota Simple provides the registered description, owner and debts recorded against a property in Spain.

Inaccuracy in the description, both in accommodation or floor area, is important and should be rectified by the seller prior to the sale. It can indicate that improvements of the property have been carried out without permission, as all licences have to be shown before the Registrars accept changes. Inaccuracy may also mean that a mortgage valuer for a Spanish lender or insurer could have to value on a reduced basis, as they are obliged by law to use the lesser of the actual area or that recorded in the title. Outbuildings such as garages, stores and even swimming pools should be recorded.

Registradores de España – Application for a simple land note (Nota Simple)

To apply for Nota Simple, there is four search options:

  • Search by registry data

In this type of consultation it is necessary to enter the Land Registry referred to the request and the municipality, property registration number and section and ordinal sub-property, as applies, which directly routes the data of the property you wish to consult. If available, you should include in the remarks field the volume, book and page in which the property is registered.

  • Idufir search

Idufir stands for single property identifier and as its name suggests, allows you to determine a specific property within national territory. Thus, if a user knows the idufir that person can request any property, without the need for other registry data.

  • Search by owner

You can base this type of search on the full name orpartial name of the owner or the ID. These data are entered by the user, and since they offer those headlines that match the parameters set, you can choose the one which you really want to query. If the data are too generic, and therefore have similarities with many prospective owners, users will need to be more specific.Once you locate the owner, you must filter or limit the request to a Land Registry, a region, a province or a particular municipality, or extend it to the entire national territory.

  • Search by other data

This type of query allows you to find the properties for which only a location is given (street or place …), but you need to know the municipality and the Land Registry of reference, with a street system that directs you to the competent Land registry that is useful in towns with large populations.