Formula 1 Tenerife

This Monday, 29 August 2016, the fifteen-turn circuit, set to be located in Granadilla de Abona, in the south of Tenerife, 4.068 km in length is presented.

The company has been contracted to do the work is called Axia. Locate the circuit in an area with an international Tenerife South airport (TFS) and industrial port has been key to investing in the construction and management has offset other expenses arising from the distance of the islands of Europe and America.

Axia has created a society in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Atlantic called Axia and has 350,000 euros of capital. In this emrpesa Vescoviorienzo, the Italian matrix of Axia and Ettore Guido Guidetti involved. The developer is the company Onda Rossa SL, which also has as a manager Guido Guidettique.

Formula 1 Tenerife location

Formula 1 Tenerife location

The project will be built in the southern enclave of Atogo and will be operated for the next 35 years. It has a total investment in Tenerife of 23.6 million euros, of which 21.2 were used to build the circuit, while 2.4 will be used for carrying out the northern access.

The format of the circuit in the Canary Islands will be similar to Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, 4.9 kilometers located in Imola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

From the Harley Street in London, Walter Sciacca, CEO of the consulting Motorsport Professional Advice, specializing in test management and car and motorcycle racing events, both national and international, will lead the entire operating in Tenerife. Absolutely everything. Sciacca is one of the world’s experts in engine tests losmayores high speed.

Specifically, the 1,322 million square meters a race track 4.068 km will be generated. The longest stretch in a straight line measured 819 meters. You have ten curves to the left and five on the right with a width ranging between 12 to 15 meters. There will be 6,500 parking spaces and 4,000 seats for the audience. For computers, there will be space for 2,000 cars, 60 buses and 20 trucks.

According to estimates by engineers polled by ABC and the company that manages their virtual simulares, design Italian investors want to apply in Tenerife could allow average speeds of up to 180.19 kilometers per hour with peaks of 312 kilometers per hour . The main straight will be 16 meters wide.

The first stone is expected within six days and the work will be coordinated by Italian technicians and Adam Walter Sciacca Leonzio. The aim is to position the circuit as the platform most important race of the African continent. African nuance want to apply that to long term it can operate in the environment of F1 and to enter the European market with Spain.

The developer, Onda Rossa, will do the work according to the lines applied by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the International Motorcycling Federation. In addition to Formula 1 or Moto GP is also the possibility of events like the World Superbike Cameponato, concerts, international exhibitions.


Plan of Formula 1 track in Tenerife pdf Plan of Formula 1 track in Tenerife.pdf

  • Total Length: 4.067,95 meters.
  • Main Straight: 819 meters.
  • Track Width: In finish line 15meters, the rest 12 meters.
  • Curve Numbers: Total 15 (5 right and 10 left).
  • Maximun Elevation: 5%.
  • Connections: 6 (9 variants, including main circuit, 7 different options, 2 or 3 simultaneous tracks).
  • Top Speed (F1): 310,59Km/h.
  • Certifications: T1-FIA lisence y subsequent.

The circuit of Tenerife is placed 1,5 km from TF-1 freeway, less than 15km from the main touristic areas of the Island and 64 km from the capital of the Island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The nearest airport is Reina Sofía, just 2,5km away.

This construction project answers the historical and traditional motor sports passion and demands in Tenerife. The main speed circuit and the Car-cross track, which will have the national and international official approval, will be able to host all kind of races and activities both of two and four wheels.

Courtesy of ABC