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A mantle of hail covers the Teide National Park white

Weather Tenerife November

Weather Tenerife November The first cold wave in Las Cañadas leaves a Christmas stamp this Friday, November 17 2017. A soft white blanket covered Teide after the drop in temperatures that has occurred in the last hours. At the moment it is a thin layer of hail that barely covers some spaces of Las Cañadas….

Spanish geologists propose El Teide as the first international geotouristic destination

El Teide Tenerife the first international geotouristic destination

The Official College of Geologists (ICOG) has proposed six international tourist locations where geology is the undisputed protagonist, highlighting the volcano and the El Teide area on the island of Tenerife. Geotourism consultant for the College and director of the Geology Tourism Course of the ICOG’s School of Professional Geology, Gabriel Chicote, stressed that “many…

Tenerife Mount Teide in snow

Mount Teide in snow | Teide mountain Tenerife | Teide park Tenerife

The low temperatures and the rains of the last hours have left a white mantle on the top of Tenerife. Temperatures dropped from zero degrees in the Teide National Park. It will continue to be cold in the next few hours. Tenerife Mount Teide has dawned this snowy Sunday, leaving a beautiful stampede in the north…