The island of Tenerife was the route most operated by Iberia Express this summer 2019 with 1,387 flights and almost 250,000 passengers, ahead of Palma de Mallorca 1,336 flights and more than 225,000 passengers, Gran Canaria 1,084 flights and exceeding 190,000 passengers, Santiago de Compostela 755 flights and almost 124,000 passengers and Berlin 541 flights and more than 85,000 passengers. In total, the company operated more than ten thousand flights and about 1.8 million passengers transported.

During the months of June, July and August 2019, the airline has made 4% more flights than last summer and has increased the number of passengers by 7%. Thus, once the busiest season is over, the airline has taken stock to know, among other things, data such as routes and the most popular summer destinations for passengers.

Among the most popular international destinations are London (Gatwick), Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and Amsterdam, where Iberia Express has operated around 370 flights and about 58,000 passengers to each destination.

On the other hand, the greatest increases in passenger traffic have occurred in international destinations, specifically in Palermo, where 91% more passengers have traveled compared to the summer months of last year, Lyon, with 88% more of passengers, and Berlin, with a growth of 49%.
This is due, to a large extent, to the growth experienced in those routes that have seen their capacity offered increased by passing, in the case of Palermo, two weekly frequencies in the months of July and August 2018, to operate three weekly frequencies and extend the operating period by one month over the previous year.

In Lyon almost the frequencies have doubled, going from an average of four weekly to seven weekly frequencies this year.

For its part, in Berlin, the evolution, compared to last summer, has been from 14 flights in 2018 to 21 weekly flights this summer, which has led to a significant increase in the number of seats offered.

Likewise, and despite the added complexity in the operation during these intense summer months, Iberia Express has revalidated its leadership on time.
The average index during the summer months has been 91.2% and specifically, in August it was the most punctual low cost airline in Europe and fourth in the world, with an average punctuality rate of 85%, according to the report monthly of the independent consultant FlightGlobal.
Among the satisfaction surveys, one of the most appreciated aspects is the ‘Club Express Onboard’, the digital on-board entertainment system that, during the three summer months has experienced an 18.5% growth in the number of connected users Regarding last summer. Passengers have enjoyed cinema in particular, with 36%, followed by series (19%), games (13%) and music (12%).