TITSA line 369 will operate nine round-trip frequencies between 10:10 AM and 6:25 PM, Monday through Sunday. Almost 40,000 passengers use the service during the summer months.

TITSA line 369 of Interurban Transport of Tenerife (Titsa), which connects Buenavista with Punta de Teno, will once again provide its services with the application of winter time starting October 1, 2019.

Thus, the TITSA line 369 route, which operates from Monday to Sunday, will have nine departures from Buenavista station at 10:10, 11:05, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16: 10, 17:05 and 18:05 hours. From Punta de Teno, the nine return journeys will be made at 10:35, 11:25, 12:25, 13:25, 14:25, 15:25, 16:35, 17:25 and 18:25 hours .

During the summer months, July, August and September 2019, almost 40,000 passengers made use of the service, which accumulates a total of 66,648 users so far this year, with a cumulative increase of 92.47% (+ 32,021 Travellers).

The TITSA company remembers that the price of the service is 1 euro per way, which must be paid in cash. For more information, interested parties can consult the company’s social networks, the information telephone number 922-53-13-00 or the website.