The installation of fiber optics in the municipality of Santiago del Teide in Tenerife is progressing at a good pace and close to 1,500 homes before the end of the year 2017 will be able to enjoy a high speed broadband internet service, at 300 Mb both upload and download, which means covering about 30% of the population with an investment of close to 200,000 by Telefonica Movistar.

The Mayor, Emilio Navarro and the Councilor for Works, Guillermo Évora, supervised in situ the progress of these works that are carried out in the municipality.

Fiber optics will represent an important advance in the fields of technology and telecommunications, which will benefit both neighbors and the business sector, who will verify the speed and fluidity of the Internet by having a speed of 300 Mb in online browsing and another 300 Mb in the downloads.

Movistar’s 300 Mb allow high definition TV, online games without delay, file sharing, streaming, high quality videoconferencing and ultra-fast internet browsing, even from several devices.