Canary Island Holidays 2016/2017

Promotur Turismo de Canarias has launched a campaign on TripAdvisor, the largest travel website in the world, with the aim of capturing the attention of the user looking for information on competing destinations. The action is being developed in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and Holland, in addition to Spain.

The campaign consists of showing the user an advertising banner from the Canary Islands as if it were a search result, in order to reinforce the potential purchase decision at the time of decision making on the chosen place for their vacations. The banner redirects to the web, with the idea of monetizing all the inspiring capacity of this page, once it has managed to attract the interest of the user.

In order to plan the campaign, a preliminary analysis of the behavior of the user in each target market was made, identifying the searches of destinies that is carried out in the planning of a trip with the main motivation of sun and beach. Towards this segment of beaches is also directed a very direct message, taking advantage of the prescriptive force of the Travel Choice Awards, which during 2016 awarded to the Canarian beaches. With the phrase “Are you looking for the best beaches? Find them in Islas Canarias “, the internaut is invited to click on the promotional web.

The Canary Islands Tourism Campaign has been designed following parameters that optimize results by being able to program impressions according to the market-destination behavior throughout its implementation. In this way, a quality impact is produced close to the moment of decision making.

This Trip Ad campaign is part of the Marketing Plan of the Islas Canarias brand in the “Sun and Beach” category within the communication platform “Vuelve a Brillar”. It will be operational throughout the month of November, since it is a very active period in searches in this medium, so that a direct impact is achieved in a moment of great receptivity, and in which one can have a great influence with respect to the purchase decision.

TripAdvisor allows travelers to plan and book the various elements of their trip. It offers advice and reviews from real travelers about accommodations, restaurants and places of interest. It shows a wide variety of travel options and functionalities with links to backup systems that check hundreds of websites to find the best rates on hotels. The websites of the TripAdvisor brand, present in 45 countries, make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching 122.4 million unique users in June 2016. In Europe it has 50.5 million unique users and is located, with Great advantage, in the first position of travel websites in all the target markets of the campaign.

Courtesy of Promotur Turismo Canarias