Titsa increased by 394,634 travelers guaguas routes the South Tenerife during the first year after the changes made on July 25, 2015, representing a 4.7% and a total of 8,722,341 makes travelers.

This figure was announced at a meeting held Thursday in Adeje the insular director of Development, Miguel Becerra, the insular director of Mobility, Manuel Ortega, and the manager of Titsa, Jacobo Kalitovics with municipal officials of municipalities South of Tenerife to evaluate the functioning of this regional network of buses, after a year in service.

Miguel Becerra explained that they have to keep working “in the search for improvements and solutions for users” and outlined the challenges for next year are to maintain the guarantee of accessibility to schools and improve connectivity through public transport both workers of companies in the south, extending evening hours and on weekends, and tourists to the airport.

For his part, Manuel Ortega said all these actions contribute to solving problems of sustainable mobility, because now the lines “are more reliable and new travelers rely on the bus, despite having own vehicle.”

Users of long distance lines increased by 8.17%, with 117,104 more travelers until June 2016. Thus, it has gone from 1,559,986 passengers between July 2015 and June 2016, compared with 1,442,882 the previous period.

The internal lines that cover the southern region 7,162,355 travelers have attended in the period July 2015 to June 2016, representing an increase of 277,530 users, up 4% compared to the 6,884,825 who used the buses in the period July 2014 to June 2015, before the changes were made.


The meeting was announced also that satisfaction increases in all important for customers, such as punctuality, information, safety, cleanliness and frequency of the buses passing attributes considered.

The overall satisfaction with Titsa reached 75.1 points out of 100, which is 3.1 points above 2015, before settling changes in the South Tenerife Network.

Proposals for improvement of respondents focus on aspects such as punctuality, frequency step, pricing and organizing schedules and routes.

On the other hand, it became clear that improved efficiency ratios, both the county lines and in the long run.

The lines in the southern region have transported an average of 0.81 passenger kilometers between January and June 2016, compared with 0.51 in the same period of 2015.

Meanwhile, long-haul lines accounted for an average of 0.53 per kilometer travelers between January and June 2016, by 0.38 between January and June 2015.

At the meeting, officials of the Cabildo of Tenerife and Titsa reviewed the actions to be undertaken jointly between local, insular administrations and own company to continue improving mobility on public transport in this part of the island, ensuring road safety and accessibility for disabled guests.

Among others, these measures include the creation of bus lanes, preferences step and a general improvement of bus stops.


The meeting also served to present the actions carried out jointly with the municipalities that have a positive impact on public transport, such as changes in meaning of certain routes or the location of parking spaces for buses, among others, as highlighted the municipalities of San Miguel de Abona and Arona.

The company representatives reminded attendees mobile Titsa web tool that makes available to users to from your mobile device to access real-time information on the passage of the buses.

In addition, the installation of new digital displays with information about the schedule of passage that have replaced the old panels at strategic points such as Tenerife South Airport (TFS) or Los Cristianos.