SIMA Madrid 2016

The recovery in residential demand continues to rise and gaining integers in SIMA. It is the opinion of the exhibitors asked about the organization of the fair, which has closed its doors today at 3 pm majority.

“This edition of SIMA has consolidated some of the trends we noted just a year ago that buying interest is here to stay, that the public young person seeking his first home win greater increasing role in the fair, which offer residential coast again seduce the small investor and the families that the crisis did not hit significantly are taken advantage of the price adjustment to change your current home for a broader, which, in turn, is helping revitalize sector activity, “said Eloy Bohúa, director of SIMA generates.
“Clearly we see more activity and more influx than last year,” says Cristina Ontoso, Marketing Via Célere. A view shared by Angela Estrada, Marketing Account Manager Altamira, who said “more movement and interest last year note” and xxxxxx, commercial director of Pryconsa, he sees “a better influx of public than in 2015”. “Influx” is the term also mention Marga Perea, commercial manager of the Central Zone of Anida, Luis Martel, commercial director of Basic, Daniel Zorzo, sales representative Hi! Real Estate, Eñaut Saiz, director of Investment Amenabar and Javier Roman, regional director of Solvia to assess trafficking for their respective stands.

The quality of public edition of SIMA 2016 has not gone unnoticed its exhibitors. Montse Alvarez attached to the business address of TM Real Estate Group, “the customer profile that has visited is better compared to other years.” I also believe that Antonio Sánchez, commercial director of Q21, Carmen Román, head of sales Habitat, and Marta Furones, commercial director of Aelca. Eñaut Saiz, Amenabar, goes a step further: “In the last two years, SIMA have achieved results and spectacular sales, and this year we exceeded expectations, thanks to the influx of public of quality that is allowing us to close a large number of reservations. ” A similar view has Carmelo Pérez, commercial director of Inmoglaciar, for whom the fair has served to make “many contacts and many reservations of interest thanks to a quality audience that comes with realistic budgets”.

The reasons for this are several. For Montse Alvarez, TM Real Estate Group, has to do with the fact “that the fairgoers know that this is already a good time to invest, so they come with clear and consistent budgets with the current market reality.” A “realistic” view that has not gone unnoticed in the valuation of the exhibitors. For xxxxxx, of Pryconsa, “definitely, visitors know what they are and are becoming more realistic prices.” “Without a doubt, have very clear budget”, says Javier Castilian, director Gilmar Communication. “The customer who comes to the fair is increasingly clear what he wants,” says Carmen Roman, Habitat. “Come with budgets in line with the market and know what they want” says Marga Perea, Anida. “Realistic starting budgets to match the areas of preference,” says Javier Román de Solvia .. O “clearer budgets and needs, and know what they want,” said Marta Furones of Aelca.
As for the demanded product, the new, and housing in Madrid, has been the object of desire majority of visitors to the fair. It is what it says, for example, Javier Roman, Solvia: “We have much demand for new development and resale in Madrid, 80% of her first residence and replacement”. Cristina Ontoso, Via Célere, concrete a little profile of the applicant and the location of the product: “Most are families and young couples looking for a first home or replenishment plan, within the M30 and north of Madrid” . Marta Furones of Aelca, clarifies, however, the different behavior of visitors, according seeking a first home or other replacement: “Between 90 and 95% of visitors who have attended seeking housing in Madrid, but while those they want their first home used the fair to learn, who want a replacement have clearer ideas, materialize more reserves and operations.”

As confirmed just a year ago the report The new profile of the applicant’s housing, prepared by SIMA and ST Evaluation Society, return to the residential market from a buyer that the economic crisis had not hit too much would explain in good as this visitor with “clear ideas”. As Carmen Roman, Habitat says: “This is a buyer with financial capacity to acquire preferred plan in order to sell your current home in better conditions.” Daniel Zorzo, Hi! Real Estate, “is a buyer who perfectly knows the product you are looking, has a high purchasing power and the price fits you.” In the same line indicate comments Luis Martel, Basic, ( “Visitors looking for a home replacement arrive with reasonable budgets supported especially by their savings”) and Antonio Sanchez, Q21 ( “Come with objectives and budgets clear, allowing us to collect many contacts to close short-term bookings “).
After several years in a sort of temporary limbo, the tourist housing starts to occupy the attention of visitors to the fair, as became clear at the SIMA 2015. “It is now clear that there are good opportunities and increasingly coast are visitors who come to our booth with the idea of buying something like investment to destine to rent. ” The opportunity good price is what Angela Estrada also highlights of Altamira: “A customer of around 55, who wants to buy second homes in Levante, looking for a good price and it comes with an adequate budget.” The conviction that the bargains and bargains are now water defines the complainant tourist housing Gilmar stand as Javier Castilian. “It has the very clear budget: it is looking for an investor profile that second home”. Finally, to Marga Perea, Anida, “housing applicants coast come with budgets in line with the market, it is clear”.