6 bedroom villa for sale in Buzanada, Tenerife €479.000

  • 6 bedroom villa for sale in Buzanada, Tenerife
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  • 6 bedroom villa for sale in Buzanada, Tenerife
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  • 6 bedroom villa for sale in Buzanada, Tenerife
6 bedroom villa for sale in Buzanada, Tenerife €479.000
For Sale €479.000 - Villa in Tenerife
38627-0817 390 m2 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage

Spacious villa for sale in Buzanada, Tenerife, Spain. This independent 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa is located on more than 1000 m2 of land, surrounded by a mature garden with fruit trees, a large lawn area, pool and barbecue.

The villa is divided into 2 levels, on the first floor has a large living room with fireplace and a large balcony, ideal for outdoor entertainment, a fully equipped and high quality kitchen, three double bedrooms, all with fitted wardrobes and a smaller one. Bedroom that could be used as an office or study.

On the ground floor of this villa there is a good sized two bedroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. There is also a separate laundry room and a large garage for around 5 cars.

The villa is well located, it is very private and yet it is only 10 minutes walk from the town, where you will find a good selection of restaurants, bars and local supermarkets. There is a very good English school nearby and the motorway is only 5  minutes away by car with quick access to the Tenerife South airport and all the main tourist areas.

Amenities and Features

  • fully furnished
  • private pool
  • swimming pool
  • terrace
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