Arona, Tenerife will invest 700,000 euros to continue with the deployment of public access fiber-optic internet and free in all the facilities and municipal spaces, which will allow a better connection of users and streamlining of administrative tasks, in addition to be another step in the strategy of digital transformation, one of whose plans has just received 3.3 million euros from the State, to which will be added another 2.4 million that the municipality will contribute.

The City of Arona will invest 700,000 euros in continuing with the extension of the fiber-optic internet connection in all the municipal public facilities, which will result in a better service, both to users of these public spaces and to their own procedures and administrative work carried out in them.

With this investment, the municipality intends to have a high quality network in its facilities, be it cultural and civic centers or sports centers and study halls, among others, and for this it will provide the necessary financing and sign an agreement with the Cabildo de Tenerife, in order to facilitate the inclusion of Arona in the insular telecommunications ring.

It is also one more step in the modernization and conversion strategy of Arona in a municipality and an intelligent tourist destination, for which it presented a specific plan to the State Government that will involve an investment of almost 5.7 million euros. euros, of which the City will provide around 2.4 million euros.

The councilor of the Modernization area, Francisco Marichal, stressed that “Arona is traveling, in an intense way, a path towards its conversion into a municipality and an intelligent tourist destination, for which it is necessary to start up various projects. To the investment in the extension of the optical fiber will be necessary to add the contribution that both the State and the City Council will contribute to start up projects that will make possible a total digital connectivity”.