The group of producers of the Adeje Farmers Market, Tenerife renews its social commitment for 2019.

The group of producers that make up Adeje Farmers Market, Tenerife s renews its commitment to solidarity. The friendly face of agriculture will become a reality in 2019 with numerous food collections that will be donated to the “Asociación San Juan”, “Elderly Center of Adeje” and “Asociación Arca de Noé”.

Throughout all the months of 2019, the producers and producers of the Agromercado de Adeje will carry out, in a disinterested manner, a collection of fresh products and of the land that, immediately, will be transferred to the entities mentioned, which will receive, in a alternated, said donation. The collection of food will take place every Sunday and are open to citizen participation.

“This gesture of solidarity is not new,” said the councilor responsible for the Environment, Esther Rivero Vargas, who also recognizes and makes visible “the work of all farmers who voluntarily and selflessly for ten years leading the Agromercado abierto, they make this social contribution to collectives and entities that also work to improve the quality of life of other people ”

The group of producers of Agromercado has highlighted that the primary sector has always been closely linked to citizenship, so they understand that collaborative work, support and assistance are fundamental pillars in the construction of a more equitable society.

In this line, the mayor has pointed out that “the farmers and agriculture Agromercado de Adeje perform this work and shows solidarity from the beginning of the activities of the market itself, for this group sharing is part of its own essence, therefore, every Sunday they gather food from the land, vegetables, fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, etc., and prepare it so that those who need it can have access to fresh products, vital in good and healthy food. ”

Finally, Rivero Vargas pointed out that “throughout the year we can contribute to improving the quality of life of people and what better way to do it than helping those who need it with first quality, fresh and quality products”.

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