Get professional photographs of their landscapes is a growing challenge, emotional mix between the memory and the best snapshot we are going to recommend the 7 best beaches of Tenerife so that both the memory and the photography remain for the memory in the same element.

These 7 beaches are not reached by car, an incentive to change the transport by boat or take your feet, are the most hidden, but also the most impressive.

  1. Playa de Antequera
    It is located on the southern coast of the Anaga massif, near Igueste de San Andrés, one of the most remote areas of Tenerife. You can only reach it through a path or by sea. Beach with cliff and blue sea, but a picture is worth a thousand words and you will do well to see it for yourself. You can arrive from the town of San Andrés, the beach is recognizable with very fine gray sand and nudism is usually practiced, but you will direct the views towards the shore with your objective.
  2. Playa de la Ocadilla
    Also in Anaga but on its northern slope, it is reached by boat or kayak from “La punta del Hidalgo”. You can also get there using San Cristóbal de la Laguna as a starting point for your three buses and then on foot. It has an impressive stone arch that you can contemplate at low tide, gray sand forms the ground and an impressive cliff looks at us with lively green vegetation. The sea predominates with its clear waters.
  3. Playa de Diego Hernández
    This beach is also known as caleta de los hippies and it is located between El Puertito de Adeje and La Caleta, a magnificent beach with white sands and crystal clear waters that can only be reached by a path. Wild, little known and less traveled but unquestionably beautiful and best for photography at low tide where you can leave your belongings on the sand.
  4. Playa de La Garañona
    It is one of the most outstanding beaches of Tenerife, Tenerife has a hard to forget and very easy to immortalize. It is accessed through the municipality of Tacoronte and El Sauzal, we will begin our journey through Mesa del Mar following a path in some complicated points. Equip yourself properly! The views from the trail will not leave you indifferent either and the summit after a long journey is a spectacular beach of gray sand and clean waters with the odd rock if you go to bathe. It is protected by a majestic green cliff that gives shade most of the day.
  5. Playa del Ancón
    One of the largest beaches north of Tenerife, part of the foot of the cliffs of the Sauzal coast, is reached through a complicated trail that starts from Mesa del Mar along the coast. Its volcanic black sand and its beautiful landscape await you at the end of this road that is absolutely impressive because it is also a bit private, most people do not know how to get there. It watches the state of the sea because it usually has currents, we recommend to bathe only when the sea is calm.
  6. Playa de Montaña Pelada
    This very exclusive beach is located in the south of the island, a white sand cove ideal to enjoy privacy. Wild nature and waves, is what Montaña de Pelada offers, come with caution to merge with the waves depending on the conditions of the sea.
  7. Playa de Roque Bermejo
    After a day of hiking it is the ideal place to dive and enjoy its waters and views of the beach. A circular looking beach with shallow waters and a very clean appearance that you will love.

Courtesy of El Digital Sur