Abikore“, the new restaurant of Carlos Villar and Silvia Aguilera, owners of ‘La posada del pez’, have opened a new restaurant in the seaside neighborhood of San Andres in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, whose cuisine will be led by the japanese-peruano chef Tadashi Tagami and that will be of Japanese inspiration and west-east fusion.
The establishment is presented as the new phenomenon of Spanish-Japanese cuisine in Spain, with elements of strict Japanese tradition (philosophy ‘kaiseki’) as with elaborations of more contemporary air transiting in the nikkei aromas and the east-west fusion.

Tadashi Tagami, winner of a Michelin Star in 2014 for his work in the restaurant ‘Kazan’, has generated a gastronomic corpus of conceptual and organoleptic high tension, exploring the essentiality of flavors and textures from his encyclopedic knowledge of Japanese cuisine, and applying his rare talent and sensitivity to new creations of more evolutionary inspiration.
Tadashi plays with different techniques, traditional and avant-garde, from Japan, Peru and Spain, but giving a lot of importance to charcoal, which is one of the central elements of his cuisine, always in search of the “soul” of great products, whether fish, meat or vegetables.

A cosmopolite restaurant

‘Abikore’ has a clear and light-filled interior design, where whites are attenuated thanks to a precise and studied lighting that gives priority to the view of the dish and the intimacy of the diner, with exclusive pieces (lamps, tables, chairs) of Danish design and windows open to the sea, and with the bright kitchen and the pass completely open to the dining room.
It also offers a large Japanese atmosphere terrace, murmuring and relaxing waterfall-fountain, dragon tree of 130 years and the soft shadow of the pergola (two areas: for lunch and dinner and for drinks and afterwork); and in the embassy cellar of Altos de Trevejos, excavated in the stone, with a private table for ten people.
The service, directed by Silvia Aguilera (2016 Award to the Best Head of the Room in the popular voting awards ‘Open Table’, of ‘The Day’), conjugates with mastery of the highest contemporary level the subtlety of Tadashi’s cuisine, the Great product and global experience in space. Everything, with a winery of more than 80 references that travels around the world but that Silvia emphasizes in the great Canarian wines.
‘Abikore’, which will only offer menu-tasting with wine harmony until the middle of January 2018, until then proposed, according to the season, the market and the freshness of the raw materials – both of Canarian proximity and of the coasts and Galician seas-, spectacular and innovative creations of Tadashi as the enchanting and unctuous tartare of tuna; the wrapping soup of nécora with tempura of vegetables and shrimp; the exact sashimi of salmon and tuna, served with the natural root of wasabi that is grated in shark skin; the oneiric nigiri (horse mackerel, red mullet, marinated mackerel, king crab); the elegant roasted foie gras with green apple sauce; the succulent ravioli of rabbit and millet with its asadura; the monumental txuletón of Galician blonde cow on the grill, or the epiphanic chocolate soufflé.

Address: Calle del Carmen 3, 38120 San Andrés, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 38120 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Courtesy of EP