Frontos Blanco Seco, from the DOP Abona, received the distinction of Best organic wine production; Tinto Barrica Hambre de Tierras, of the Canary Island DOP, the Best Wine of Limited Production; and Atlante, of the DOP Valley of La Orotava, was distinguished as Best Image and Presentation.

Testamento Malvasía Esencia from the DOP Abona Best Canarian Wine 2017

Testamento Malvasía Esencia from the DOP Abona Best Canarian Wine 2017

Testamento Malvasía Esencia, elaborated by Cooperative Society Cumbres de Abona, of the Protected Denomination of Origin Abona, has been awarded with the Best Canarian Wine award in the Official Competition Agrocanarias 2017, regional contest organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Canarian Institute of Agroalimentary Quality (ICCA).

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water of the Government of the Canary Islands, Narvay Quintero, announced today the ruling of the jury at an event held at the Mirador de La Peña in El Hierro, which was also attended by the director of the ICCA, José Díaz-Flores, and the mayor of Valverde, Daniel Morales.

Narvay Quintero congratulated all the participants and especially the winners in this event, and insisted on the importance of consumers and the HORECA channel-hotels, restaurants and cafes- “consume and bet on these quality products of the earth, which It also means recognizing the efforts of the farmers, the wine culture in the Archipelago and its value as a generator of landscapes in our territory.

“I am sure that the wines distinguished in this contest Agrocanarias 2017 now have a long tour in the international competitions, as has been happening in recent years,” he added.

For Protected Designations of Origin, Abona adds 15 awards, Tacoronte-Acentejo a total of five, Canary Islands three, Valley of Güímar and Valley of La Orotava two respectively, and La Palma and Gran Canaria obtain one each.

Testamento Malvasía Esencia

Testamento Malvasía Esencia

The wines that received the Great Gold Medals, which went to Blanco Viña Arese (DOP Abona), Tinto Herrera Capote (DOP Islas Canarias), Marba Tinto Barrica (DOP Tacoronte-Acentejo) and Blanco Semidulce Brumas de Ayosa (DOP Valle de Güímar ).

During the meeting also the wines that obtained the distinctions of Best Ecological Wine, that fell in Frontos White Dry, of the DOP Abona were also announced; The Best Image and Presentation, obtained by Atlante from the DOP Valle de La Orotava; And Tinto Barrica Land Hunger, from the Canary Islands DOP, chosen as Best Wine for Limited Production.

The Gold Medals were awarded to Marba Blanco Barrica and Ocampo Maceration Carbónica Special Selection, both of the Tacoronte-Acentejo DOP; And Los Tableros Tinto Barrica and Semidulce Guatimac, both of the DOP Abona. To these we must add the Oros obtained by Semidulce Pico Cho Marcial, from the DOP Valle de Güímar; Dulce Pagos de Reverón, from the Dona Abona, and Licor Humbolt from the Tacoronte-Acentejo DOP. They complete the Oros, the wines Crianza Payments of Reverón, of the DOP Abona; Dulce Ainhoa, from the DOP Islas Canarias; Sparkling ValleOro, from the DOP Valley of La Orotava; And Rosado Pagos de Reverón, from the DOP Abona.

The winners with Silver Medals were White Dry Testament Malvasia Aromatic Fermented Barrel, Dry White Guatimac, Red Summits of Abona, White Semi-sweet Reverón Payments, Semidulce White Turn Off and Go, Semidulce White Vine Arese, and Rosado Cumbres de Abona, all of them The DOP Abona.

To these are added Tinto Desentidos, from the DOP Gran Canaria; Rosado Marba, of the Tacoronte-Acentejo DOP; And Vega Norte Selected Vintage Listán Prieto, from the DOP La Palma.

The contest, which distinguishes the best wines with Denomination of Origin of the Islands, featured on this occasion a total of 155 wines, among which a panel of professional tasters from the Archipelago selected during two days, through the tasting system Blind, the 29 winning productions (25 medals and four special distinctions) in this seventeenth edition.

This event, which has been developing since 2000, has become an effective tool for the promotion of Canarian wines and an inescapable event for experts from the sector who come together to analyze and recognize the quality of wine production in the Canary Islands. Islands. The Official Contest of Agrocanarias Wines represents an important support for the producers of wines of the Archipelago, allowing them to face the commercialization of their products with the impetus that brings the recognition obtained in a meeting that constitutes a reference in the contests of this type that are celebrated In the Canary Islands and is the only official one.

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