Official contest Vinos Agrocanarias 2017 (Wine of the Canary Islands 2017) will be held on March 22 in Tenerife, where the previous stage of selection of the best wines will take place, and the March 29 in El Hierro, island that will host the final.

Among the samples presented a panel of expert tasters will choose, through the blind tasting system and based on a tasting chart agreed by the jury, the “Best Canary wine 2017” – for production more stitch whenever it exceeds 92 points On 100 -, “Best Green Wine of the Canary Islands 2017”, “Best limited production wine of the Canary Islands” and “Best image and presentation”, a distinction that values the labeling and design of the bottles of the participating productions.

The wine that has obtained the highest score in each category – as long as it exceeds 90 points – will be distinguished with the Great Gold Medal. Productions that exceed 85 and 80 points will receive the Gold Medal and Silver Medal , Respectively.

The Canarian Institute for Agri-Food Quality (ICCA), under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water of the Government of the Canary Islands, has just summoned by Resolution the 2017 edition of its Official Competition of Agrocanarias Wines (BOC nº 36 of 21 February ). Since 2000, the Official Competition for Agrocanarias has been developed within the Autonomous Community, which is celebrated annually, with the exception of the edition of 2015. The positive effects of the competition on quality of the wine Canarian wine, in general, and on the dissemination of the same motivates the organization of the Contest, which comes to fulfill, in addition, the functions entrusted to the Canary Institute of Agrifood Quality by its Law of creation (Law 1/2005, of 22 Of April), Article 2.2 (c) of which assigns the promotion of agricultural and agri-food products originating in the Canary Islands as its own functions.

Its purpose is to distinguish wines produced, bottled and bottled in the Canary Archipelago with Denomination of Origin Protected. The types of wines that are the subject of the official contest will be the following:

  1. Young white dry wines / White wines fermented in barrel.
  2. Red wines young / red barrel.
  3. Semi-white white wines.
  4. Semi-sweet white wines.
  5. Sweet wines.
  6. Sweet malvasia wines.
  7. Pink wines.
  8. Liquor wines.
  9. Tea Wines.
  10. Sparkling wines.
  11. Breeding wines.
  12. Reserve wines.

Depending on the scores received by the jury members, the participants may opt for the Gold Medal, Gold Medal, Silver Medal, “Best Canary Wine”, “Best Canary Ecological Wine”, “Best Wine of Limited Production “and” Best Image and Presentation “. The wines presented will have to correspond with qualified items and commercial brands present in the market. In addition, part of it will be available for commercialization at the time of registration, and will comply with the legislation and regulations in force for the sector. All the wines will correspond to the harvest 2015 or 2016, except the crianza, reserves, teas, sweets, of liquor, sparkling wines and sweet malvasías.

Courtesy of Bodega Canaria