Almond blossom route in Tenerife

One of the natural highlights of the winter on Tenerife is to see the countryside perked up by the addition of delicate pink almond blossom. Almond Blossom Route can only be taken from late January to March, when the almond trees are in full bloom. The special conditions conferred by the volcanic soil in this area are perfect for these trees, which require little water.

The hills and vales around Santiago del Teide are traditionally the place to go to enjoy the best scenes of almond trees in bloom and the local council organises guided walks to see the ‘almendras en flor’. There are also photo competitions for the best ‘capture’ of the almond trees in bloom.

Almond blossom route in Tenerife

Almond blossom route in Tenerife

When the trees are at their most spectacular varies depending on weather conditions. This year, a cool winter by Tenerife standards, the trees have blossomed a bit later than usual, the guided walk has only just taken place (mid February).

Until February 19, 2017, the campaign is open and the interested parties will be able to enter into the different paths enabled.

Hundreds of people gathered this past Saturday January 28 in Santiago del Teide to enjoy the official route and guided the Almond in Bloom that this year was 20 years.

The walk begins in Santiago del Teide, at Plaza de la Iglesia, and ambles through the area of Las Manchas before coming to an end in the town of Arguayo. Altogether, it is a nine kilometre (5.6 mile) walk of intermediate difficulty. There is a shorter version of the route that sets off from El Calvario de los Baldios in Valle de Arriba and also ends in Arguayo.

Both the people who chose the long route, departing in the square of Santiago del Teide and those who chose the short route, leaving Calvario de los Baldíos, enjoyed a unique nature phenomenon in winter and an exceptional spectacle for the inimitable white of its mutating leaves in bluish colors.

After 3 and 5 hours of travel, according to the chosen route, the walkers were arriving in Arguayo where, firstly, they visited the facilities of the “Cha Domitila” Alfarero Center, then finishing their tour in the exteriors of the municipal sports center where Were received by the Folk Group “Roots” and the authorities present.

Still until 19 February you can enjoy the almond tree route, for which the city council has guides at the exit of the route (Town Hall Square) on days 2, 4, 5, 6, 11,12 and 13, 18 and 19 of February, explaining to the walkers the different routes that they can carry out, the route of each one of them, etc.

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