Norwegian Air International (IATA: D8; ICAO:IBK; Callsign:NORTRANS) has announced the launch of eight new routes linking Spain and Germany, centered on Düsseldorf and Hannover airports.

From Düsseldorf, you can fly to Alicante, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Tenerife South, while Hannover has included routes to Alicante, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca. All these flights are already on sale starting today. The Düsseldorf-Barcelona route will be the first to be operated, on 27 March 2017, available from 29.9 euros per way, including taxes.

On 29 April, the Hannover-Malaga route will start operating; On 1 May, the Düsseldorf-Malaga and Düsseldorf-Tenerife South routes; On 4 June, Hannover-Alicante, Düsseldorf-Alicante and Hannover-Alicante; On 8 June, Düsseldorf-Palma de Mallorca; And on 10 June, Hannover-Palma de Mallorca.

In this way Norwegian will offer in Spain 220,000 extra places to Germany, 170,000 to Düsseldorf and another 50,000 to Hannover.

With this launch, Norwegian already has 23 routes between Spain and Germany, in which it joins up to six Spanish destinations with as many Germans.

  • Dusseldorf – Tenerife South Airport eff 01MAY17 2 weekly
  • Dusseldorf – Alicante eff 04JUN17 3 weekly
  • Dusseldorf – Barcelona eff 27MAR17 3 weekly
  • Dusseldorf – Malaga eff 03MAY17 4 weekly
  • Dusseldorf – Palma Mallorca eff 08JUN17 6 weekly
  • Hanover – Alicante eff 04JUN17 2 weekly
  • Hanover – Malaga eff 29APR17 2 weekly
  • Hanover – Palma Mallorca eff 10JUN17 2 weekly

Courtesy of Europa Press