The Canary Islands Government promotes the development of rural tourism and nature with actions that reach 3.6 million euros.

“This tourist segment represents today a key point of support for the essential strategy of diversification of customers that the future of the Canary Islands needs,” said Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports Mariate Lorenzo.

The promotion included in the Marketing Plan Islas Canarias 2016 is complemented by two initiatives carried out by the Ministry through the European FEDER funds and which are implemented in close collaboration with local administrations and the private sector, and both projects add up to a total of 2.6 million euros.

The first one, ‘Tourism and Volcanoes‘, is based on the promotion of knowledge of volcanoes as a source of tourist attraction and the development of actions that allow a use of volcanic spaces, actions that will be carried out through studies, research projects, provision of services, signaling of areas and provision of small infrastructures, among other actions.

The second initiative is the ‘Strategy for Tourism Development in Agricultural Reconversion Areas‘, which consists of implementing a set of actions in the different municipalities that allow progress in the integration of both sectors in a sustainable way.

The goal is to strengthen and diversify an economy based on the rural and agricultural activities of small and medium entrepreneurs, as well as sustain rural landscapes, customs and rural culture in permanent interaction with the tourism sector.
“We want this initiative to clearly influence the development of our gastronomy from a perspective of authenticity and quality, supported by the agricultural products of the Canary Islands which, given their specific characteristics and characteristics, add value to our tourism offer,” said Mariate Lorenzo.


In addition to these two projects, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports invests more than one million euros in promoting nature tourism through Promotur Turismo de Canarias.
Under the categories Tourism in Natural Spaces and Sports in Nature receives 7% of the budget of the Marketing Plan Islas Canarias 2016, in particular 1,047,245 euros.

The most powerful communication concept in this sector is ‘The Energy that awaits you’, with an investment of 629,517 euros, which is dedicated to the natural attractions of the archipelago, especially to its volcanic landscapes, in perfect contrast to the Atlantic Ocean from which they arise.

Lorenzo stated that it is important to note that the Canary Islands has more than 40% of the protected territory, 4 national parks, 3 marine reserves with 3,000 species of endemic flora and fauna, and 7 reserves of the biosphere.
To this communication platform is added ‘Truthful paths that seem to lie’, with 220,000 euros, “with which we discover an infinity of routes drawn by professionals, qualified and approved tours for fans of all levels, many of which Run through protected and unique national parks in the world.”

Finally, with an investment of 200,000 euros, is ‘Extremosfera Reserve’, exclusively for those who have as main motivation to enjoy nature, in this case practicing sports such as mountain biking, mountain racing or paragliding, among others.

“In addition to this million euros, we invest much more in this segment since nature forms an important part of the proposal for ‘Sol y Playa Plus’. Rural tourism in the Canary Islands is an area with significant growth opportunities, which does not go exclusively to increase the number of visitors, but also to increase their spending in destination,” he said.

Courtesy of Europa Press