Canarias and snow destinations are the favorite places for the Spanish to travel this Christmas, according to data from the travel shop PANGEA The Travel Store that ensures that national travelers spend an average of 800 euros for domestic travel, a figure that rises to 2,000 in the case of travel abroad.

Spaniards will decant this year for traveling to the Canary Islands, being Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, which are the most demanding places to rest during this Christmas period. Behind them you will find ski destinations, such as the Aragonese Pyrenees in Huesca and Sierra Nevada in Granada.
Outside our borders, Spaniards prefer to travel to France, within Europe, especially to their ski resorts. As far as long distance travel is concerned, this year New York stands out in the United States, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, with special preference for Cuba.

As for the price, the travel agency estimates the average cost in 800 euros in travel by Spain and 2,000 euros in international travel.


According to the travel agency, this Christmas the Spanish traveler wants to rest, to practice winter sports and to visit great cosmopolitan cities.
With the aim of celebrating Christmas in a different way, the traveler looks for new experiences such as shows, special dinners, or different accommodations.

Regarding the number of days, the trips of the Spaniards have an average duration of 8 days being mostly families, parents between 35 and 40 years, and with a medium-high economic level.

Courtesy of EUROPA PRESS