With relatively short flights, and the clocks set to GMT, Tenerife, Spain an easy way to pretend it’s summer.

Tenerife, Spain

The largest Canary Island is also the most beautiful and diverse of the Spanish archipelago off the coast of Morocco. The Canaries are an hour behind the mainland, which puts them firmly in GMT. Thanks to Tenerife being 1,800 miles closer than Greenwich to the equator, the island is full of warmth and colour even in the depths of winter.

Although the oceanic location creates some cloud and bluster, there’s plenty to explore — particularly in the north of the island, location for the handsome capital, Santa Cruz and the adjoining colonial town of La Laguna. An Expedia package departing on New Year’s Day for a week costs only £237pp, including flights, transfers and B&B at the Hotel Trianflor in Puerto de la Cruz, on the north-west shoulder of Tenerife.

Courtesy of Independent