Visitors who come to the Tenerife capital these days with the intention of spending a few days in the city are likely to be having serious problems finding accommodation in any of the establishments Santa Cruz de Tenerife has. The reason is that the hotels of the city are to the maximum of their capacity, not only throughout this month, but also for the next Christmas dates. This was confirmed Gabriel Wolgeschaffen, vice president of Ashotel for the Metropolitan area. “Usually November is usually a month of high occupancy, but this year there is the circumstance that, in addition to the business client that usually visits us, we are also visiting many tourists.” Thus, explains Wolgeschaffen, “the confluence of both business segments has produced a remarkable increase in the occupation”. Ashotel recognizes that, like the rest of the Canaries, the capital is living one of the best years in terms of hotel occupancy, touching historic highs.

Already in the summer months, as confirmed by the vice president of Ashotel, were some of the best in recent years and the Christmas period is on track to reach record numbers with occupancy at annual highs. “A lot of the hotels already have the most important days with a closed sale,” confirms Wolgeschaffen, who adds that “there is a clear trend change because, until a few years ago, December was a month of low occupancy.”

The explanation for this apparent tourist success are several, but the first, as acknowledged by the vice president of Ashotel, has to do with the current situation of the Canaries, “very positive and known by all, especially in international markets.” From Ashotel is aware that Santa Cruz de Tenerife has benefited in recent years from the international leisure customer, “who is helping us to complement our occupations and above all to be regular throughout the week.” The director of the Silken Atlántida Hotel in the capital also notes that there are even long-stay customers, increasing the average overnight stay in the capital’s hotels. ” The growth of international tourism has been exponential in the last year while business has also increased, but more moderately, according to Ashotel data.

Wolgeschaffen draws attention to a characteristic that have tourists who visit both provincial capitals and that has to do with the boom of online booking channels. “We have verified that nowadays the client is increasingly independent when making their reservations, which, both Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas, receive this type of visitors that is away from the organized tourist packages,” says Wolgeschaffen. “Historically,” he continues, “the immense majority of the tourists who came to the Canary Islands did so through touring, but today, the reserve channels have diversified and the internet has come to have an important weight and that is where the capitals have traveled and are Getting into the car of this type of customers “.

The vice president of Ashotel does not want to forget that, in a city like Santa Cruz de Tenerife, “it is important, in order to maintain regularity in the occupations, that on weekends there are numerous activities that encourage the existence of a demand for accommodation in Tenerife.”

These activities and the arrival of cruises are complementary to the hotel offer.

Courtesy of Diario de Avisos