“The improvements in the supply, the investments in the facilities and the rigor in the control has contributed in the advance of the quality”, indicated the Councilor of Health. The Adeje Municipal Laboratory has determined in its annual report that “in 2015 one hundred percent of all analyzed samples of the different supply networks of the municipality are obtained and in parallel, the qualification of the water is suitable for consumption.”

This was explained Wednesday by Health Councilor Amada Trujillo to add that “improvements in supply, investments in facilities and more rigorous measures in control and monitoring” has made a significant contribution to the evolution and progress of The quality of drinking water “. The report notes that during the past 2015, 226 samples were made, of which 44.75% were taken in private homes and the remaining 55.25% in indoor installations of public buildings or commercial activity, which do not have their own supply .

It also states that at the beginning of 2015, 30 supply zones were notified, of which 19 are private entities that have their own supply. The other 11 correspond to approximately 45,405 inhabitants. The report has also detailed that 67.90% of the population of Adeje is supplied with water from the combination of water derived from dams, galleries and water treated by desalination and another from the population, 32.1%, Is supplied with water from galleries and dams exclusively.

In total, the Municipal Laboratory of Adeje made 229 bulletins of analysis of the control of water in the tap of the consumer.

Councilor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, has reiterated that “we will continue betting on the maintenance and improvement of the activity of control of the tap of the consumer, enhancing resources, as a means of guarantee to preserve the health of our citizenship.”

Courtesy of La Opinion