Folklore Festival and the traditional Romería de Adeje put the finishing touches on the biggest holidays adejeras.

Traditions lay off the Festivities of Adeje 2016 on a high. On Saturday 15 October 2016 at nine p.m., will be held the XXXII Festival of Folklore Villa de Adeje, which is organized by the group of the Municipal School of Folklore of Adeje. This year, the theme is about the popular music and traditions and this time, will deepen the relationship between the folklore of the Canary Islands and America, winking at all the elements that unite both lands.

In this thirty-second edition, will participate folk groups “Igonce of Araya,” “Chajoigo de Barranco Hondo” and “Achamán”, besides the own group of the Municipal School of Folklore of Adeje. After finishing the folk meeting, the orchestra “Sabrosa” raise the temperature in the Plaza Spain adejera.

The traditional Romería de Adeje will be the grand finale of the Festival of Adeje. The activities begin at ten o’clock with Feria de Ganado (El Cerco). At eleven, Romera Mass sung by the Municipal Folklore Group of Adeje and offering products to land employers in the municipality.

The Romería de Adeje will start its route at one in the afternoon. It will start from the Centro de Salud de Adeje and will run throughout the Calle Grande adejera to reach the Church of Santa Úrsula Mártir, where 13 participants carts, they made an offering to the Virgen de La Encarnación, Santa Úrsula and San Sebastián.

Persons wishing to participate in the Romería de Adeje must be dressed in the traditional costume and respect the safety standards laid down by the local police and are referred to in Security Plan Celebrations of Adeje 2016.

Romeria de Adeje 2016

Romeria de Adeje 2016

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