Air Europa (IATA :UX; ICAO:AEA; Callsign:EUROPA), the airline division of the Globalia tourism group, has launched the “minimax” a new promotional offer campaign to offer its customers “more flight options at minimum prices and maximum service,” and that includes the Canary Islands.

In a press release, the tourism group Globalia reported that the promotion, which affects most national destiny, European and American, made available to the client flights from 19 euros each way, buying round trip from the Balearic Islands Peninsula or 27 euros each way from the Canary Islands.

The promotion is valid until 11 September 2016. At that time they are able to buy flights to a number of destinations departing the Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands and conducted between September 12 and 15 June.

The promotional campaign also includes flights from 39 euros for trips to European destinations departing the Peninsula; from 259 euros to points in South America and the Caribbean and from 299 euros to other American destinations.

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