Pokemon games – the furor over the Pokemon Go application also lives on the streets of the Tenerife

Go Pokemon already has become the most used and discharged in history (more than 50 million users worldwide) triggered the application and brand value in the stock markets. Nintendo’s new application has grabbed headlines and covers during his first weeks on the market and the furor also lives in the streets of Tenerife.

Some choose the -more cool nights during the summer to walk or sit with friends in the streets of the island to fight in Pokemon gyms Go or share “bait” to get to hunt new species.

Others prefer daytime hours, on all younger who are idle during the holiday period and meet to conquer gyms friends. But first things first, what is Pokemon Go?

From their mobile and through geolocation, players can catch Pokemon and fight in the real world, exploring corners of their cities as stations, plazas and monuments, besides fearing the possibility of sharing their experiences on social networks. Thus, the key to its success is based on a video game to play outdoors, it interacts with the physical reality of the player and goes for IOS and Android, among many other qualities. The important thing is to adapt to your environment, level up taking advantage of your area and partner with other players of the same team.

1. For those who have not yet begun: hunt Pikachu

Pikachu is not only one of the protagonists of the game, but also one of the most desired and elusive. Those who have not yet begun to play, start with an advantage because Nintendo has left a little trick only accessible to more patients. When the game starts, the teacher invites users to catch a Pokemon and offers three species. If the player ignores all Pokemon that appear and begin to flee from them four times, the fifth time the game offers in return the precious yellow Pokemon.

2. Plan routes efficiently

After several weeks of play, users have found that many more ‘pokemon go pokestops’ there are around, the more chances of finding Pokemon for users.

In fact, there are already complaints from users living in rural areas around the world, tired of finding ‘Pidgeys’ (a type of bird) and ‘Zubats’ (a bat), while the Garcia Sanabria Park is place game usual because it is full of different species of Pokemon.

What many do not know is that the map for ‘pokemon go pokestops’ is inherited from Ingress, Niantic another game, the developer of Pokemon Go. Download the map of Tenerife by which it will play from Ingress and plan the route to avoid being stops behind is one of the best ways to advance quickly in the battle for Pokemon.


  1. Download the application on mobile
  2. Go to ingress [dot] com/intel and search the area we want to explore the island to detect ‘you pokemon go pokestops’

Most of the points of interest in Ingress have been turned into ‘you pokemon go pokestops’ or gyms Pokemon.

How and where to find Pokemon in Tenerife #PokemonGoTfe

Ingress stops in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Pokemon in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Canarias, SpainAnother option is to go find the Pokemon exactly where they are with the Pokevision dot com application that displays a map of the desired area with the species of Pokemon in real time and the time they remain in this area.

What users of this application have found it is that the information provided is incomplete and somewhat limited because it only includes the Pokemon that appear randomly and not those that attract the ‘bait’ or incense to each zone.

How and where to find Pokemon in Tenerife

Ingress stops in La Laguna. Pokemon in La Laguna, Tenerife, Canarias, Spain

How and where to find Pokemon in Tenerife

Pokevision dot com application that displays a map of the desired area with the species of Pokemon in real time

3. Take advantage of the characteristics of the Tenerife island

Tenerife which is surrounded by water everywhere it is a fact that Pokemon Go not overlooked. If anything is left to the players on the island are water Pokemon.

Magickarps, Omanytes, Krabbys, Paras, Goldeens, Tentacools or Dysucks are among the species most found in our streets and neighborhoods and all are related to water. Moreover, most of these Pokemon also belong to other types. Therefore it is said that the water Pokemon are very adaptable and dynamism makes them stand out in evasion attacks. While this may seem a disadvantage for those looking to collect the largest possible number of species, there is a great advantage over other areas of the world: Gyarados, Lapras and Dratini.

PokemongoTfe-gyarados. How and where to find Pokemon in Tenerife

Gyarados is a water pokémon flying and evolution of Magickarp. Although the clumsy minnow does not do much in Pokemon Go, its evolution leads a large number of gyms in Tenerife. Why? Gyarados is one of the most difficult Pokemon to get -and therefore the most strong- because to evolve 400 caramels are needed, ie, you have to hunt 101 Magickarps with three candies each and transfer 100 to the teacher. A Madrid will have it difficult, unless you pass much of their day by the pond del Retiro, but the canaries have it easy because in any walk you will find a few.

The same goes for Lapras and Dratini (and its evolution Dragonite) although they are the most difficult Pokemon to get in the game, are near oceans and seas, so in Tenerife have to walk along the coast to get them.

PokemongoTfe-lapras. How and where to find Pokemon in Tenerife

Note: Water Pokemon are ineffective and weak against the plant types except those with attacks ice- and electricity type. Evolve a Pokemon of any of these types in Tenerife will open the doors of most of the gyms. The electricity are the most difficult to get on the island, and eggs recomiedan look for them in the incubator or in areas with a lot of electricity, near universities, shopping areas and mobile phone shops. If you get one, you get a big advantage over most of the users of the island.

4. Pokemon go pokestops close together

One of the most used by players in Tenerife tricks are meetings with two friends you Pokemon go pokestops close together, so close together that when putting a ‘bait’ – to attract Pokemon- in each all players who are in the area get a Pokemon average every three minutes during the half hour lasting effect. Where to find them? They have become fashionable the two ‘you pokemon go pokestops’ found in the small headland overlooking the Castle of San Juan in the Auditorium of Tenerife, but users can find two ‘pokemon go pokestops’ together in areas with many graffiti or areas many architectural monuments and sculptures. Search which is closest to your area and left with several friends to take advantage of the effect of ‘bait’ together.

5. Gyms in sparsely populated areas

Best to move up a level and get ‘pokemonedas’ and ‘special’ gifts is to maintain leadership of a gym as long as possible. Tenerife lies in its fitness centers in less populated areas or more difficult access where map can achieve your goals. For example, at the Astronomical Observatory of Teide there is a gym that is only accessible from inside the enclosure: workers and visitors will have a much better chance to remain unbeaten.

6. Follow other players in the area and see where they have found their Pokemon

Some claim to have caught a Open, one of the rarest and most difficult Pokemon to find so naturally with the ‘pokemon go pokestops’ of the Maritime Station in Santa Cruz de Tenerife under the influence of a bait; Aerodactyl has been seen in Atogo, next to the Tenerife South Airport; the La Cuesta is a paradise for Omanyte and Kabuto; and Magickarp and Krabby amok in the capital. If you want to be aware of these findings, Twitter have created the @PokeGoTenerife that tweeting images of the players on the island and their new catches.

Courtesy of La Opinion