I love you, Io ti amo, Je t’aime, Ich liebe dich, Te iubesc, Jeg elsker dig, rakastan sinua, Te quiero are some different linguistic forms of expressing love to another person. Fernando Garcíarramos, after two months of creative work, has just finished the first phase of a 26-meter mural that gravitates over love – with 10 I love you in different languages ​​- located in Calle de Jesús Maynar Dupla, La Laguna, Tenerife.

“Although I am a sculptor and not a painter, one day looking at the wall in front of my house, seeing his calamitous state I decided to create a mural that gravitated on love, because we are living times convulsed, and the world what it needs is love “, Argues Fernando Garcíarramos, who in this way turns a dead space into art. The mural, in which he has used synthetic latex paint, is in harmony with the landscape that surrounds him: mountains and grove. “Love 2017, which is as I have called it, is a geometric type mural where the color predominates and includes the phrase I love you in 10 languages: classical Greek, Russian, English, Italian, French, German, Romanian, Danish, Finnish and Spanish”, argues the creator of Tenerife, who is multilingual, since he speaks Spanish, English and French, as well as possessing knowledge in Swedish – lived in Sweden for two months – and Italian, and is now studying German. With his characteristic sly humor, he says that “only a figurative image appears, a butterfly, but in this wall a cat walks, two blackbirds give their beaks from time to time and one night an owl appeared.”


In a second phase, you plan to finish the bottom of the wall, since you first have to fix the wall, which is damaged.

“I am in favor of taking art to the street because in museums you have to enter and yet the street is a place of passage where many people travel,” says the architect of numerous sculptures scattered by Tenerife as a Tree, located in the capital; The lady of Aguere, in La Laguna or the monument to Ana Bautista in La Cuesta.

The murals are rare in his artistic career, which has focused on sculpture and poetry, such that few murals are included in his artistic production, such as a hotel in Guimar or Casa del Mar in the capital of Tenerife . He is multifaceted, his mind does not stop thinking and he already has another project in which he wants to represent in public spaces the faces of famous canarian figures such as Óscar Domínguez, Antonio Leal (the driver of the Teatro Leal), Rafael Arozarena, Mercedes Pinto, Domingo López Torres or Pedro García Cabrera.

By Benjamín Reyes
Photo Luis Balbuena
Courtesy of Diario de Avisos