The broadband internet, which will reach 66 percent of homes and businesses in a first phase, will have a speed of 300 megs both up and down. The mayor, Arturo González, who thanks Telefónica’s effort, says that with the implementation of the fiber optic responds to a neighborhood demand.

The municipality of San Miguel de Abona in south Tenerife will have broadband internet before the end of this year to 300 mega speed, confirmed the director of Telefónica, Juan Flores, the mayor Arturo González Hernández, during the meeting held in The Consistorial House.

For this purpose, the supply company will carry out an investment of 560,000 euros to undertake the necessary installation work. In fact, the forecast is that fiber optics reach almost 4,600 subscribers, that is, 66 percent of households in a first phase.

“With the arrival of this service to our municipality will respond to an important neighborhood demand, but also allows us to continue advancing technologically,” said the mayor, who was accompanied at the meeting by the councilors of New Technologies and Local Development, Víctor Chinea and Lot García, respectively.

Broadband in Tenerife and E-commerce

The president of the local Corporation also said that “fiber optics will allow the business sector to consolidate, strengthen and continue to grow, but also diversify and bet on e-commerce, more when the 300 megs of speed are as high as up of discharge “.

“In short, a world of opportunities opens up where new technologies take on a greater role in our lives every day,” concludes González Hernández.