Thousands of pilgrims take to the streets since Saturday August 13, 2016 to travel the kilometers that separate it from the Virgin of Candelaria in the Villa Mariana. A year comes the big day of the Patron Saint of the Canary Islands, the Virgin of Candelaria, and to commemorate thousands of pilgrims will go out this Saturday 13 August to travel the kilometers that separate them from the Basilica located at the Villa Mariana.

One more year, the council has taken shape that is absolutely forbidden to drive walk along the TF-1 motorway. It also will close to traffic the main road south TF-28 between the board and Caletillas so that people can walk through it safely.

The main routes for the development of this pilgrimage are:

  1. 1. Camino Viejo de Candelaria also known Pasacola way. It is a route that runs an ancient road, declared of cultural interest, and used mostly citizens coming from the municipalities of El Sauzal, Tacoronte Tegueste, La Laguna and El Rosario. Trails running through urban areas as much.
  2. Road by the General Highway South, which used mostly pilgrims from the Metropolitan Area through the TF-28 for longitudinally across the entire municipality of El Rosario.
  3. Way of the Summit by the municipalities of Güímar and Arafo, often used by pilgrims coming from the north of the island (Icod-Santa Ursula) and cross the ridge in the area called “The Edge”. However, the Cabildo of Tenerife has forbidden to make the pilgrimage routes through the mountains of the island, as a result of the alert status of the risk of fire decreed by the Government of the Canary Islands.
  4. Camino de Las Candelas. It is a parallel to Highway South route towards Santa Cruz and used by pilgrims who come to Candelaria from the towns of El Tablado, Punta Prieta, La Caleta and puertito of Guimaras. This route avoids the passage of the TF-1 at the height of tunnels guimar.


Titsa strengthen its lines, in order to address the large crowd that will move to the town of Candelaria. An estimated 11,600 km perform extras added to the usual services.

The device designed for this year is as follows:

The assigned schedule buses on Lines 122, 123, 124 and 131 perform their usual route between Candelaria and Caletillas.

Stations Santa Cruz and La Laguna will remain open at night from 14 to 15.

Candelaria stops affected by the events move to the Avenida de los Menceyes the duration of the same.

Line 122 – Santa Cruz – Autopista del Sur – Candelaria.- regular service will be strengthened, and a special service from 17:00 hours on 14, all day and all night be established, with the last scheduled departure from Candelaria Santa Cruz at 22:30 pm on 15.

Line 522 – La Laguna – Autopista – Candelaria.- From 17:00 hours on 14, a special service from La Laguna to be established Candelaria, all night and all day 15, with the last departure from Candelaria La Laguna, at 20:30, making the route in both directions, from La Laguna, by Autopista Norte TF-5, Highway TF-2 link South Highway TF-1 and Candelaria, the return will be made by the same itinerary.

– Special Services Free Link.

Mercatenerife-Autopista del Sur-Añaza (Avenida Centro Comercial) – (Carretera General del Sur) Portada del Duque, line 526, from 19:00 hours on the 14th, until 02:00 pm on 15, every 20/30 min.

Izaña-Arafo-Candelaria, Line 529, from 21:00 pm on 14 until 06:00 pm on 15, departures from Izaña every 3 hours (21:00, 24:00, 3:00 and 6:00 ). Travel and stops: Crossing Izaña (TF-24) -The Crucita – Cross the road Cañadas_Arafo-Mirador Mirador Mountain Colorada- Chivisaya – Crossing The Cuevecitas – El Pino (Arafo) – Candelaria (station).

On 15 lines 120 and 121 perform their schedules and working days.

Lines connecting Santa Cruz with the Carretera General del Sur, at points that are related, and all day 14, are performed with their usual schedules, and can serve as a link for people who wish to begin the pilgrimage to Candelaria by the General highway South.

Santa Cruz – Cruce de la Cuesta: 014-228

Santa Cruz – Cruce de Taco: 127 – 232 – 233 – 934/936 – 937 – 238

Santa Cruz – Hospital General (Autopista del Norte) 015-101 – 102 – 107 – 108

Free Parking in Santa Cruz.- exchanger from 18:00 hours on August 14 until 00:00 hours on August 16 certifying trip in any of the following lines: 120, 121, 122, 123, 124 and 131.

Courtesy of La Opinión de Tenerife