That interest in the Canary Islands is strong growth in the world is not a secret, just look at the figures and it is understood that in recent years the islands have experienced a huge increase in the number of visitors and also to those who have decided to move to live in the Canaries.

But now this interest seems to be spent overseas. In fact, in recent weeks the news that American Airlines and Delta Airlines are studying the possibility of including the Canary Islands in their routes to / from the United States. The announcement was made during the recent Routes Europe 2016, the last event that brings together all airlines, which also was attended by a delegation of the islands in order to expand the connections to / from the archipelago.

Obviously it is too early to speculate about, since I’m not yet been released official data. That is, it is not known when American carriers will begin to connect the north america with the Canary Islands, what are the routes and frequencies.

However, the fact that two major companies such as American Airlines and Delta are pondering to establish air routes between the US and the Canary Islands overseas means that there is definitely a strong interest in the islands. And the interest Pue be divided only into three general categories: sports, tourism and migration.

We analyze these points in detail. The first category, athletes may be interested in the Canaries as the climate of the islands favors the chance to train in the open air throughout the year, and this is ideal for all aerobic sports. In addition, the Canary Islands have a first-class infrastructure, just think of the many golf courses of international level that are distributed throughout the archipelago, and we all know how common is passion for golf in the United States.

The second category, tourism. True, a few steps from the US are the beaches of the Caribbean and Mexico. However, as has happened for Europeans with Egypt and Tunisia, the enormous insecurity which currently experiencing many destinations Caribbean and South American causes in the US and Canada people are looking for the safest destinations but equally exotic and with a good climate and practicable beaches all year, or almost.

Now comes the third category, the emigrants, of course when they are citizens of the USA and Canada are called “Expat” (expatriates), to mistake them with the poor who migrate for economic necessity. Well, the category of those who dream of leaving the US and Canada is increasingly numerous, despite what you might think, and the statistics speak for themselves. In recent years, in fact, an average of more than 40,000 US decides to renounce the citizenship to avoid having to continue to pay taxes in the US.

In addition there are retirees in search of retreat. The latter dream of a beach house, or at least in a peaceful country where there is an ideal climate and a low cost of living so that their main interest is to pay little health care and grocery shopping at half the price compared to the US average . In this, the Canary Islands are the ideal place, given that for years have been a paradise for retired British and German.

But the Canaries may also affect the US investors. Taxation facilitated the islands is in fact attracting the Hollywood majors that more and more often decide to shoot parts of the film in the islands. In addition, one of the Canary Islands Government delegation reported to have officially met the US Ambassador to Spain and to have received from him the assurance that overseas there is a great interest in the islands by American investors.

Finally, in addition to many European and many Italians, in the coming years it is therefore likely that many Americans and Canadians decide to move to live in the Canaries.